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Medical Isolation Shelter

The medical isolation Pods and Airlock are also portable and easily deployed within the MIS. The patient Pods provide patient rooms, fully isolated inside a negatively pressurized chamber. They provide negative pressure to the room trapping airborne contagious pathogens inside a proven HEPA filtration system and are completely sealed ensuring that infectious liquids and solids are contained within the Pods.
The PIPod is based upon technology developed for critical airborne aircraft patient isolation. PPStL has manufactured and delivered more than eighty Aeromedical Biological Containment Systems (ABCS) that are flown by Phoenix Air for the US State Department and the CDC. The ABCS is a single patient isolation unit flown in the US and globally inside the Gulf Stream aircraft. It was successfully used to transport EBOLA patients to the United States, to infectious disease hospitals, and to other countries throughout the world. Production Products has also manufactured and delivered twenty-five Transport Isolation System (TIS-100A2) under a 2014 Joint Urgent Operation Need (JUON) for repatriation of soldiers from Africa during the EBOLA crisis. The TIS-100A2 is used by the US Air Force (USAF) inside a C-130 or C-17 Cargo aircraft. The TIS-100A2 is a negatively pressurized containment system that has 2 patient isolation rooms and an anteroom for medical staff entry and exit. Both the TIS 100A2 and ABCS are flying in service of COVID-19 patients, civilian and soldier. Each of those airborne systems provide an Airlock with patient isolation Pods. This proven medical isolation technology is easily adapted to the CMF container to form a fully protected MIS. The pictures below show the ABCS and the TIS-100A2 and the conceptual isolation Pods for the CMF.


• Operating Rooms

• Intensive Care Units

• Shock Trauma Units

• Diagnostics

• Imaging Units

• Lab

• Blood Banks


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