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Single Pallet Position (LPE2S2)

Certified Aircraft USAF C-130, C-17, and C-5

The BERG LPE2S2 in an expandable shelter system that is designed to precisely fit a single pallet position.

The BERG LPE2S2 represents the next generation of expandable shelters designed to maximize space efficiency and provide ultimate flexibility in transport, deployment, and configuration.

The BERG LPE2S2 is designed to interface with the 463 L rail system.



• Exterior: 108” L x 88” W x 96” H


• Exterior: 108” L x 244” W x 96” H

• Total Floor: 149 sq. ft

Features & Benefits:

•Cost effective

•Self supporting expandable floors do not need

ground support

•HD Fabrication

•Water Tight Construction

•Fits in 463 L Cargo System

•No jack or winches required for deployment



•4-way fork liftable

•Built in tie-down system

•Built in ECU

•Readily deployable with 2 personnel in 10




  • Drone/T.A.C.
  • Command Center
  • Medical
  • Hygiene
  • Billeting


• Data Control Centers

• Command Centers

• Utility Centers

• Security Unit

• Showers/Latrines

• Executive Offices

• Medical Facilities

• Kitchens/ Dining Facilities

• Laboratory

• Billeting

LPE2S2 Info

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The Berg™ Single Pallet Position (LPE2S2) shelter is now part of the HDT Global product family.

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